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What is the future of place-based public art? How can art help our communities heal, inspire, build trust and understanding? How can it empower and lift up the voices of minority communities? How can it tell stories that need to be told? How can art connect us and create critical conversations about the meaning of our neighborhoods, cities, and our country?

Artists are a significant part of helping our community learn to reengage “our new normal.” From the COVID-19 pandemic to healing the deep impact of racism and inequality, we are asking artists to help shape our future. By exploring what “engagement” means— engaging with each other as neighbors and with art itself.

We want to ensure your voices are heard.  Public art enhances public space when it is accessible to and representative of the community where it resides—and where it amplifies under-represented voices.

100 artists will each be awarded $1,000 for their ideas. These winning ideas will be shared on this website, the City’s website and social media channels. Ideas may be in any medium but should consider how community members can interact with the work. Through this project, we hope to foster, showcase, and amplify artists’ ideas about the evolving role of public art in our community.


This is the first phase of what we expect to be a multi-phase initiative. Yet, each phase is meant to be an expression that can stand alone. Artists for later phases will be chosen from the 100 selected ideas. Later phases will receive additional funding from the $300,000 total allocated to further develop and implement community-centered concepts. This opportunity is open to Philadelphia-based artists only.