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Each week, numerous prestigious auction houses worldwide host events, presenting a challenge for the average collector to keep track of every sale, let alone each featured item. That’s where our team steps in, utilizing auction previews and news articles to spotlight significant events, items, and artists.

Auction Previews: These provide collectors with a quick overview of noteworthy lots in an upcoming sale. Our writers carefully select items that best represent the essence of the auction, showcasing both featured pieces and hidden gems. We supply essential context and captivating background information about the sale and its key lots. To ensure quality, each preview undergoes meticulous editing for grammar, clarity, and accuracy by Art is Essential PHL editors.

News Articles: Our news pieces delve into breaking and ongoing stories within the auction industry. They offer a deep exploration of a sale, individual lot, or industry trend, allowing collectors to discover new categories or gain a deeper appreciation for artists before their work goes to auction. All original content on Art is Essential PHL adheres to a rigorous editing and fact-checking process before publication. We are committed to the principles of ethical journalism, aiming for objectivity in our coverage and upholding thoroughness, transparency, and ethical standards. Our process includes seeking the truth, identifying sources, providing access to source material, and incorporating necessary updates and edits.

Selection Process & Paid Partnerships: Our editorial team provides writers with recommended topics weekly. Writers have the freedom to choose from these suggestions or pitch their own ideas, actively shaping Art is Essential PHL’s coverage with their unique voices.

For auction previews, we curate upcoming sales and match each auction with a writer based on their preferences and expertise. Our writers then use their knowledge to highlight the most noteworthy lots and offer contextual insights for collectors.

Occasionally, Art is Essential PHL collaborates with auction houses and galleries to cover their events. While promotional packages secure coverage on our platform, our commitment remains unwavering: to provide informative content and context for the event. Our coverage remains impartial, regardless of whether a partner has paid for an article.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Art is Essential PHL is dedicated to advancing equity within the art world. This begins with assembling a diverse team that mirrors the global industry we cover. We celebrate the unique perspectives and contributions of our predominantly female, international writing staff. At Art is Essential PHL, each writer enjoys the freedom to shape their stories in their unique style. We also welcome fresh perspectives by collaborating with industry experts and guest writers.

Our coverage aligns with our values, our team’s composition, and the diversity of our audience. While we strive to amplify marginalized voices, we acknowledge the need for continuous growth and accountability. Feel free to contact our editorial team with questions, concerns, or feedback.

Plagiarism: Art is Essential PHL strictly prohibits plagiarism. We uphold high standards of quality and professionalism at all times. Proper attribution, including links and appropriate credit, is provided for all quotations, statistics, and paraphrased content from external sources. Any writer at Art is Essential PHL who violates these standards is promptly removed from their position.

Our editorial team diligently checks every news article and auction preview for plagiarism before publication. If you suspect plagiarism, please reach out to us for investigation and resolution.