Update July 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce the Round 2 winners for Group 1! To view their ideas please go to the Awardees page.

The review panel has selected 10 artists for ART IS ESSENTIAL PHL Round 2: Impacts.  These artists will move forward to prepare full project proposals for temporary artworks.  From these proposals, three will be selected for implementation.  We anticipate announcing the projects selected in early October.  Projects will be installed, performed, or otherwise realized in the Spring and Summer of 2022. 

Update March 1, 2021

We are pleased to announce the Round 1 winners! To view their ideas please go to the Awardees page.

What is the future of place-based public art? How can art help our communities heal, inspire, build trust and understanding? How can it empower and lift up the voices from historically underinvested communities? How can it tell stories that need to be told? How can art connect us and create critical conversations about the meaning of our neighborhoods, cities, and our country?

Artists are an important part of helping our community learn to reengage with “our new normal.” We are asking artists to help shape our future as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, and work to heal the deep impact of racism and inequality. By exploring what “engagement” means, we hope to engage with each other as neighbors and with art itself.

Public art enhances public space when it is accessible to and representative of the community where it resides—and where it amplifies under-represented voices.  We aim to bring more artistic ideas and expressions into public spaces.

This is a multi-round and multi-group initiative. That means we are giving artists more than one chance to apply, and once selected there are different rounds for advancement.

This opportunity is open to Philadelphia-based artists only.